Jacinda will Bankrupt NZ
David Moffett
Jacinda is going to bankrupt NZ. She's been throwing money around like a big lolly scramble ever since she got in.
Im going to start keeping track of the billions she spending.
Remember, this is nearly all borrowed money.
This list will grow as I add to it.
If you can remember past indiscretions, please let me know so I can add them.
60 billion on the well being budget.
$36 billion (up to) for the Paris climate accord.
$6 billion extra over four years to deliver a modern education system
$12 billion infrastructure spend
$200m introduced for a Regional Development Fund to unlock the economic potential of many regions
$38m a year in additional funding for quality New Zealand programming and journalism
$56 million to support Māori communities and businesses respond to Covid-19
$52 milion Refugee intake
$12.1 billion Covid-19 economic package
$10m for whānau Māori outreach
$1m to provide Māori businesses with advice and planning
$470,000 will be going to Te Arawhiti to work with iwi on local response plans.
$5.3bn paid out in wage subsidy scheme
$200 million to bolster services for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

David Moffett
The antidote to this extreme and virulent virus is to
  • Embrace our Economic and Monetary Policy
  • Join Real NZ at realnz.org.nz/join-us-1
  • Give us an opportunity to represent you in the next Parliament
  • Kick this Government out at the next election.
Kim Dotcom seemed to think she sent $7.5M to the Clinton Foundation after Hill's first visit. Don't know where he got his info from.