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Here at Real NZ we believe we should all be part of the change to make New Zealand a better country, so if you have any ideas or thoughts you think we should know about please submit them below.

We are in the process of creating "Think-Tank" discussion/debate groups within our party, where party members can find the best solutions for problems that are important to solve for New Zealanders. These groups will strive to come up and decide on great solutions and create convincing and presentable materials and policy to get their message out to the rest of New Zealand. We are also in the process to establish other ways of discussions online, so everyone can take part in them (Forum, Facebook Real NZ Group).

At the moment decisions are made, top down, by politicians who are influenced by multinational corporations and foreign interest-groups with their lobbyists and their 'experts' & 'paid scientists' and supported by the 3 foreign owned 'NZ' Main Stream Media.

If you want to be part of finding the best solutions for New Zealander and decide on them in inside-party referendums then feel free to join us: