Real People, Real Solutions


The Real NZ Party is a rare force in New Zealand Politics. We are committed to the preservation of our freedoms, sovereignty and way of life.  RealNZ is the party that will giver power back to the people of New Zealand & help them strengthen & empower themselves, which is in stark contrast to any other party, which have over the decades bit by bit weakened us & made us more and more powerless.

We are Real Kiwis working for Real Kiwis with Real aspirations for themselves and their families. We are unashamedly a right of centre party and are appalled at the performance of this Government and Opposition. In reality there is very little difference between National and Labour. The Greens (who have less than 5% of the vote) have managed to take advantage of weak leadership in the 2 major parties to force through dangerous legislation based on lies and fear mongering.

We are proud to be Kiwis, proud of our heritage and proud to represent a growing number of disaffected voters.

We are an old fashioned grass roots movement, not afraid of the political elite and ready to put you and your families first.

Real NZ Party is committed ‘to promote good citizenship and self-reliance; liberty with responsibility; to defend our hard-won freedoms; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and speech; the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State and work on behalf of every Kiwi'.

Real NZ Party values freedom of speech, the press, freedom of choice, lawful assembly and small government, flourishing families, a focused economy, environmental investment and low taxation.

We are against open borders, interference by the UN, Government excess, waste and interference, the PC brigade, tyranny by minorities, unlawful religious beliefs (e.g. child marriage, which is pedophilia and currently accepted by this government). We stand for the rights of all Kiwis to aspire to be the best they can be.

Real NZ offers a new way forward, not beholden to any group, especially the political elite. We are however entirely beholden to the New Zealand people. Unlike the current and past governments, we know who we work for and it is not politicians.



At the heart of all great Nations is their Identity. We will never harm The New Zealand identity. We are a proud and respected people and we will ensure our Sovereignty by protecting and securing our borders and citizens.

Flourishing Families

Under NZ law, families come in all sizes and shapes. We support all families and believe the most important aspect of families is their desire and ability to nurture, nourish, love and provide for themselves, especially their children. Our measurable policies will ensure that this becomes a reality.

Focused Economy

An economy focused on what is best for NZ is an imperative. It is critical to the country that every sector prospers. We will encourage greater internal investment and secure our assets from overseas predation. When our economy is strong, we are strong. In particular Real NZ will be focusing on the Farming, Small & Medium Business sectors and bilateral trade agreements instead of free trade agreements like TPPA. Successive Governments have determined that the best way to save our environment is to ship between $14 billion and $37 billion of your tax dollars to overseas ETS schemes. This money will be distributed by the bankrupt UN to countries with poor track records of accountability and without any monitoring. We will reverse that and spend the money here in New Zealand, on Research and Implementation of realistic solutions to our own environmental problem. Kiwis are rightly proud of our clean, green image but it can always be improved.

And the Kiwi Way of Life

New Zealand is a benign country, highly respected around the world. By and large we are a quiet people who value mateship, hard work, fun and security for their families. We will work to enhance our way of life.