Real Agriculture and Rural Communities

Real Agriculture and Rural Communities

A report, prepared by the Ministry for Primary Industries, showed New Zealand primary industry exports reached $38.1 billion in the year ended June 2017, an increase of 2.4% over the previous year. 

MPI forecast primary industries exports to rise 9.3% in the year ending June 2018 to $41.6 billion.

That anticipated rise was primarily based on dairy prices remaining strong , plus a return to normal productivity levels across most sectors following adverse weather last year.

Those trends were projected to continue into the following year, resulting in a forecast of $42.4 billion in the year ending June 2019, up 1.8%.

Unfortunately the importance of those numbers are lost on the current Government, which seems obsessed in following the Greens attacks on the Agricultural Industry.

Key Principles 

  • We will continue to oppose any Taxes that unfairly target the agriculture sector. We will repeal any other additional taxes this government imposes so that they can continue with their profligate spending. We will oppose any attempt to introduce a CGT and undertake a thorough review of all taxation. See our tax Policy.

  • We will pull out of The Paris Agreement and the Kyoto protocol

  • By pulling out of Paris we will stop the criminal waste of $37 billion being paid to overseas Emission Trading Schemes over 10 years and invest those taxpayer funds in New Zealand for the benefit of Kiwis.

  • We will ensure world class research is undertaken into the needs of farmers, the community and the environment.

This will include but not be limited to:

  • A sensible reset of the Resource Management Act
  • Funding for dams and regional water storage projects
  • A sensible and evidence based approach to clean rivers, clean air and soil improvement.
  • Opposition to per farm allocation of Nitrogen based on Land Use Capability.
  • Creation of The Soil Health Research Institute.
  • More cost effective and affordable linehaul logistics

On behalf of farmers and the wider community we will immediately seek a Royal Commission into Local Government and the rampant increases in rates. As covered elsewhere in this document all levels of Government are required to live within our means not theirs.

We welcome input into future policies that the agricultural sector would like to see adopted after the election in 2020.

Real NZ offers a new way forward, not beholden to any group, especially the political elite. We are however entirely beholden to the New Zealand people. Unlike the current and past governments we know who we work for and it is not politicians.