Real Energy

Real Energy

Many people believe that Power Lines are symptomatic of what is wrong with society. They insist that all power should be generated by wind, solar or tide.

We do not agree with them. NZ is blessed with resources such as oil, coal, gas, hydroelectricity and geothermal sources for our energy requirements. 

We are going to continue with a policy of sensibly utilising our resources for the benefit of all Kiwis. Power lines will be here for decades to come.

Power is not a luxury but should be affordable for every New Zealander. We are not interested in supporting alternative energy sources that are intermittent and incapable of providing base power requirements. If, in the future, these alternative sources prove reliable, economical and do not require public funding, we will give them due consideration.

We are going to resist the Global warming lobby who have politicised the debate and are intent on destroying our farming, small business and export industries. 

We will immediately set up a task force involving Government and Private Enterprise to look at the feasibility of Waste to Energy plants.  They are widely used around the world and are built in the centre of cities in some countries. 

Recycling in NZ is almost non existent with as much of 90% of recycled products ending up in landfill. This is a scandal and can be resolved with the use of Waste to Energy plants.