Real Environment

Real Environment

The vast majority of Kiwis take their obligations to the environment extremely seriously. As a nation that spends a great deal of our time enjoying and savouring the great outdoors, it is in all our interests to enhance our clean green image. The job of delivering on that aim will never end and we need to get the balance between the environment and human behaviour right.

In the current Global Warming (Climate Change) debate there is a lot of information available on both sides of the argument.

What we do know is that the climate is always changing. The debate is, to what extent is it caused by humans.

Successive governments have already decided that it is caused by humans and have decided to spend billions, salving their own consciences by agreeing to pay in the region of $37 billion between 2021 and 2030 to overseas Emission Trading Schemes.

These payments will find their way to the bankrupt UN. From there they will distribute our tax dollars to countries around the world without any requirement to monitor their spending.

This is a disgraceful waste of our tax dollars and the $ billions are better off spent here in New Zealand.

Key Principles 

  • New NZ will immediately withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

  • We will concentrate our own resources and taxpayer funds on improving air, water, soil and sea quality. Rivers, in particular, will be a priority.

  • We will ban the use of 1080 in New Zealand.

  • We will concentrate on reducing pollution and introducing achievable targets for waste minimisation and recycling.

  • We will develop a coherent policy on the various users of our great outdoors.

  • We will reduce the impact of the huge increase in tourist visitors by imposing an environment levy on every visitor. Our infrastructure is bursting at the seams.

  • We will do this by employing our own Research and Development assets and using our taxes to fund our solutions. Our taxes will not be sent overseas to be wasted by other countries.

Ban 1080

RealNZ Party will ban the use of 1080 and other chemicals that cruelly kill animals and leave the hunting of the possums to the possum industry which will create rural jobs and revenue. 

More than $100 million is spent on possum control a year. The NZ Government owns Orillion, the company that imports 1080 poison and manufactures the various bait types. There is a clear conflict of interest.