Real Kiwi Way of Life

Real Kiwi Way of Life

New Zealand is a benign country, highly respected around the world. By and large we are a quiet people who value mate-ship, hard work, fun and security for our families. We are a compassionate people concerned for the well-being of our fellow citizens. We are a people who have come from many different shores, bringing with us a diversity of opinion and culture but ask only that we integrate, contribute, and obey the laws of New Zealand.

  • Prioritise the law abiding in terms of justice issues.

  • Address social issues such as foetal-alcohol syndrome and domestic violence.

  • Increase funding for mental health with a focus on intervention and prevention.

  • Provide an avenue for every New Zealander to house themselves with dignity.

  • Ensure every New Zealander receives equal access to education as a fundamental right with a choice of schools.

Flourishing Families

Under NZ law families come in all sizes and shapes. We support all families and believe the most important aspect of families is their desire and ability to nurture, nourish, love and provide for themselves and their children.


  • Support all families through social policy, tax policy and education policy.

  • Establish an independent complaints authority for parents and or guardians,to have an avenue to appeal the intervention of Child Welfare Agencies and to safeguard against abuse of state power.

  • Restore men’s natural role as protectors and nurturers of women and children. Remove the feminist default of “Only tyrannical fathers/saintly mothers.”

  • Tracking/mentoring of fathers alongside midwifery services to build capacity and help prevent relationship breakdown, abuse and neglect. Support fathers in providing for families.

  • More widespread training to allow correct recognition and response to signs of child abuse.

  • Reform Family Court system to prevent children being used as pawns in relationship breakdowns.

New Zealand's Outdoors

Kiwis have been traditionally passionate about their outdoors activities. RealNZ shares these values and will align it's policies with the protection of this life style.

  • Clean Environment: 
    • RealNZ will the stop the use of poisons like 1080
  • For decades New Zealander's have proven that they are very sensible and responsible with their use of guns. RealNZ will repeal the latest gun law changes, so New Zealand hunters, gun-sports people and farmers are not unnecessary punished and vilified