Real Seniors

Real Seniors

Aims: To advance support and protect the welfare, well-being and quality of life of all Seniors. To recognise their incredible contribution to New Zealand throughout their lives. To ensure that they are able to contribute in which ever way they choose, to the future prosperity of NZ, either through work or volunteering.


Question: Will the method of increasing Super be changed under Real NZ?

Answer: Yes, we will increase superannuation entitlements to a % of the minimum wage

Question: What about the level of tax on Super?

Answer: We will make every cent of Super payments tax free. This will benefit Super-annuitants and the Economy. 

Question: How will you encourage greater participation by Seniors?

Answer: We will further cement their position in their communities by making it easier for them to work and volunteer in their chosen fields. This will be done through innovative programmes, funded and targeted by a Seniors Task Force. 

Question: Winston Peters failed to deliver on his promise of a Seniors Commissioner, what will you do?

Answer: We will appoint a Seniors Commissioner with wide ranging powers. The specific aim of the Commissioner is to report on progress towards our goals. Unlike existing parties, we are not afraid to be held to account.

Question: What is your policy on housing?

Answer: We will ensure that all Seniors have access to safe and fit for purpose housing.

Question: Many Seniors are afraid to leave their homes, what should be done?

Answer: We will ensure that Seniors can access safe and reliable transport


Question: What about other benefits?

Answer: We will ensure Super-annuitants are entitled to all of the supplementary benefits available such as emergency housing and hardship benefits.

Question: Should residency time be changed to qualify for Super?

Answer: We believe it should be increased to 15 years. This will ensure that all new arrivals into New Zealand, spend an appropriate amount of time contributing to their Super. 

Question: Who will you work with to fine tune your policies?

Answer: We will work with groups like Grey Power and other agencies to ensure that NZ Seniors are able to lead safe, dignified, productive and happy lives.