RealNZ Sovereignty & Democracy

RealNZ Sovereignty & Democracy

“The sovereignty over one's self is called Liberty, and its realisation and pursuit are the true purpose of the servitude of government. National sovereignty must be an obligation as well as an entitlement to that end. A government that will not be in service to its citizens is therefore a government that forfeits the rights of a government.”

At the heart of all great Nations is their Identity. Together we will grow, nourish and protect the New Zealand identity. We are a proud and respected people and we will ensure our Sovereignty by protecting and securing our borders and citizens. We affirm the restoration of New Zealand’s national sovereignty through the rejection of coercive international pacts and treaties that undermine our national culture and diminish our rights of self-determination.


  • All major new or changed policies of substance will be subject to a 100 days cooling off period to allow the people to give consideration to the impact on the country and themselves (recent firearm policy).

  • We will introduce Binding Referenda for all life changing legislation such as Euthanasia and Abortion reforms.

  • Restricting MP salaries to a multiple of average income and will not be increased until January 2022.

  • All MPs and government employees should only have NZ citizenship and no dual citizenship or dual residencies.


  • Withdraw from the UN’s Compact on Migration and Compact on Refugees.

  • Strict immigration and refugee targets, and criteria for admission to our country.

  • Immigrants must respect our freedoms, conform to our laws and integrate positively to the culture and productive life of our country.

  • Immigration and the privilege of citizenship must be in New Zealand’s economic, social and cultural interest.

  • Immigration procedures to be streamlined, timely and well-advertised in terms of due process.

  • Migrants, prior to obtaining citizenship, will be on a 10-year provisional residency visa where any offence punishable by a prison term will trigger a termination of the right to reside.

Protection of Freedoms & Rights

“Freedom is our most precious commodity; in word, thought and the pursuit of our ambitions. Liberty is not given by government but rather, is the reason for its existence in the first place. We must therefore be forever cautious that government perform its function without curtailing or overstepping the authority given by its master: the people for whom it serves.”

  • Remove any legislation and/or policies that deny us the right to freedom of speech (with the exception of the defamatory law).

  • Remove any legislation and/or policies that deny our right to freedom of association, assembly for individuals, legal groups and organizations.

  • Remove any legislation and/or policies that deny our right to freedom of the press and freedom of lawful religions.

  • Remove any legislation and/or policies that deny our right to own firearms.

  • RealNZ will protect the right to refuse medical treatment.

Defence and Border Protection

“Defence and border protection are fundamental services a government needs to provide to gain the trust of the public that they are safe, and to allow controlled immigration at a rate that advances the goals and aspirations of New Zealand citizens.” 

  • Defence forces to be upgraded to perform their core duties at the highest level.

  • Military to be capable and ready to intercede during declared disasters.

  • Naval capacity to augment a more aggressive policing of our 200-mile limit.

  • Uphold our part of ANZUS.

Foreign Ownership

RealNZ Party is of the opinion that foreign ownership of land and houses in New Zealand creates more problems for New Zealanders and their next generation than good. There should be a register of every land title to see if it is owned by NZ citizen or foreigners and from which country they are.

RealNZ Party opposes foreign ownership of New Zealand assets, e.g. land and existing houses. New Zealanders don't want to wake up one day and find themselves as tenants in their country. Many would and do argue, that is already the case.